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Sound and light-based behavioural systems have become the most effective way to guide and deter fish species in a wide range of environments.


Our systems can be used to discourage managed fish stocks in lakes and reservoirs from exiting via outlet channels, as well as blocking invasive species such as bighead, silver, black and grass carp from travelling upstream.

guidance fish


Guidance is often necessary to affect the movement of migratory fish, which might otherwise enter channels and follow routes that are harmful.

mobile fish deterrence


These solutions can be deployed from a barge or boat in both freshwater and estuarine environments, with equipment moved to different locations as the project progresses.

Target Fish

Detailed knowledge of fish species and their behaviour is essential to designing the right deterrence and guidance systems.
Asian Carp Invasive Species Bighead

Invasive Carp

Invasive species such as bighead, silver, black and grass carp pose a major threat to the ecosystems in which they are allowed to thrive.



Sound-based systems reduce the possibility of harm to salmon, without risking shutdown of facilities or incurring the high maintenance costs associated with operating fixed smolt screens

Eels and Elvers

Eels & Elvers

Eels have poor hearing ability, so sound-based systems are rarely effective in controlling their movement. Instead, FGS has developed light-based solutions that ensure these species are guided away from intakes

Fragile Species

Fragile Fish

Gizzard shad, alewife and blue-back herring and more achieving deflection rates of over 95%

General Fish

General Fish

Every species of fish has slightly different physiology and hearing characteristics, we use three categories of hearing sensitivity before developing an appropriate solution.

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