Detailed knowledge of fish species and their behaviour is essential to designing the right deterrence and guidance systems.

FGS has worked in a wide range of environments over the last 25 years, and the ability to adapt to new requirements has been essential to our success. In most cases, fish need to be protected against delays in migration, entrainment mortality and various obstacles.

In others, the goal is to manage and control the spread of invasive species such as invasive carp in the USA and common carp in Australia.

Regulatory requirements and commercial objectives

All of our solutions have been proven through trials and research, but we often come across new challenges. That’s where our expertise in aquatic biology and detailed understanding of fish entrainment and impingement come in.

Combined with our PrISM modelling system, this knowledge allows us to predict behaviour and design solutions that comply with regulatory requirements as well as commercial objectives.

The pages below provide information about the most common species FGS works with, and the approaches that have proved most effective for each.

Asian Carp Invasive Species Bighead
Eels and Elvers
Fragile Species
General Fish