BioAcoustic Fish Fence

TVA's Preferred
Invasive Carp Deterrent

“BAFF would reduce potential future ecosystem and economic consequences associated with the establishment of Asian carp in the Tennessee River”

– Tennessee Valley Authority

Welcome to Barkley Lock

Test Site For The BioAcoustic Fish Fence

Barkley Lock is a key site on the Cumberland River. Thanks to $7 million in funding from the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative and the US Fish and Wildlife Service, a deterrent proven to block invasive carp is now in place.

Invasive Carp Threat

A Threat to the environment, the economy and tourism

The spread of invasive species is a significant and immediate threat to the health of waterways and aquatic life throughout the USA.

The Power of BioAcoustic Fish Fences

Up to 95% effective

Against invasive carp.

Tested in the real world

Technology used across the world

tuned to stop invasive species

Proprietary signals tuned to stop invasive carp

Independently Verified

From multiple university research studies

Keeps Trade Flowing

Does not affect or interact with shipping.

BioAcoustic Fish Fence

From cold war communications to protecting native species

“Remarkably, we observed relative blockage efficiencies of approximately 98% for bighead carp and nearly 100% for the common carp to the coupled proprietary sound and air curtain system.” 

-University of Minnesota

Who are FGS?

Fish Guidance Systems has over a quarter of a century of experience in fish mitigation.
We've worked with national and local government, alongside private businesses

Research and Development

We have over 25 years of developing our unique systems

Consultancy and Design

We work with federal, state and local government to deliver plans and expertise

Installation and Commissioning

We are on site to help with the installation of the system

maintenance and reporting

We use our expertise to monitor and improve the work we do.

What The Experts Say

"Thirty-three bighead carp made a total of 284 attempts to cross the functional SPA driven BAFF system during the three trials. Of those observed attempts, 95% were repelled."
Illinois River Biological Station Illinois Natural History Survey
“Also notable was our finding that the proprietary sound [of the BAFF] kept a greater number of common carp and bighead carp away from the deterrent…..this proprietary sound decreased the number of carps observed near the speaker system”
University of Minnesota
"BAFF would reduce potential future ecosystem and economic consequences associated with the establishment of Asian carp in the Tennessee River"
Tennessee Valley Authority

Optimising the BAFF at Barkley Lock

The BioAcoustic Fish Fence (BAFF) at Barkley Lock, Kentucky has been in operation for over two years and has shown promising results in deterring the upstream migration of invasive carp. …

Let's Work Together On Invasive Carp

A proper plan to stop invasive carp from ruining America’s unique ecosystem is only possible if we all work together. Find out how you can help.