Unrivalled expertise in fish guidance and deterrence

Fish Guidance Systems is the world’s leading designer and installer of sound and light-based fish deterrents.

We work with governments and private organisations across the globe, providing design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance services that are backed by over 25 years of innovative projects and groundbreaking research.

Our systems are tailored to particular species, including invasive carp, salmon and eels – controlling their movement with sound projector arrays, high intensity lights and other novel developments.

Only a scientific approach, combined with political will and collaboration between experts, can ensure the movement of fish is managed and supported effectively. The FGS process begins with a detailed analysis of the environment and your requirements. We then develop a unique design that accounts for individual species and the wider ecosystem.

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Scientific expertise, regulatory compliance

Power generation, civil engineering and the introduction of invasive species such as bighead and silver carp affect the natural balance of the environment.

FGS is committed to maintaining this balance not only because it is often a regulatory requirement, but because it is the responsible thing to do. We have conducted extensive research and trials into the most effective deterrence and guidance techniques. This experience is supported by expertise in aquatic biology and acoustics, as well as electronic, electrical and mechanical engineering, and software development.

Acoustic and light-based behavioural systems are proven to be more effective than physical screens in cases where waterways need to remain navigable, and when fish need to be diverted from large volume flows where debris puts physical barriers at risk.

As fish protection needs and regulations evolve, so too have our systems. Each is backed by scientific evidence, and our continued investment in research and development means this body of evidence is ever-growing.

Our systems are suitable for:

    • Fisheries management
    • Power and hydro-electric stations
    • LNG (liquid natural gas) plants and oil refineries
    • Drinking water abstraction

    • Invasive species management
    • Flood relief
    • Irrigation schemes
    • Marine construction work

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    Dr David Lambert, Managing Director of Fish Guidance Systems gave a presentation on the AFD requirements to the Sizewell C DCO Public Enquiry, 20/05/2021, to view the presentation please follow the link below to our dedicated Sizewell C page.

    To view our dedicated page for Sizewell C, please click here.

    Fish Guidance Systems has been at the forefront of fish deterrence and guidance for over 25 years. Founded by aquatic biologists and underwater acoustics specialists, the company owes its success to a forensic approach to what was then an entirely new field.

    Some of FGS’s earliest work involved efforts to divert fish away from the cooling intakes of power plants. The company’s innovative approach saw the development of systems that generated sound at a frequency tailored to particular species.

    As these solutions evolved they became more effective and acoustic systems are now the preferred method for managing and diverting fish in a vast range of environments. Sound-based approaches can also now be combined with high-intensity lighting to enhance effectiveness, particularly among species that are less sensitive to sound.

    FGS has expertise and proven success in the protection of endangered species as well as the deterrence of invasive species. Our experienced team of engineers, biologists and environmental scientists design each system to meet a specific need and they are aided by the use of proprietary acoustic modelling software – PrISM – which greatly enhances effectiveness when dealing with a new species.

    • Consultancy
    • In-house design and modelling
    • Project management
    • Manufacturing

    • Quality control
    • Installation
    • Commissioning
    • Maintenance

    Meet the Team

    David Lambert Managing Director Fish Guidance Systems

    David Lambert

    Managing Director

    Andy Turnpenny Environmental Fish Guidance

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    Fisheries Expert

    Mike Lambert Fish Guidance Systems

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