Sound and light-based behavioural systems have become the most effective way to guide and deter fish species in a wide range of environments.

FGS works with fisheries, power stations, marine engineers and others to meet regulatory, commercial and practical requirements. This can mean guiding migratory species such as salmon and eels to help sustain a population, deterring fish from intakes where they could come to harm or disrupt operations, or limiting the spread of unwanted invasive species.

Creating a fish guidance system

We begin each project by learning about your objectives, regulatory requirements and environmental conditions. We’ll discuss the history of problems or previous attempted solutions and establish clear criteria for success.

Then, our expert engineers and aquatic biologists will use our proprietary PrISM software to create an acoustic model as the basis of our designs. This allows us to accurately account for the hearing sensitivity of the species involved, as well as topography, tides and the built environment around the space.

Once service levels and redundancy requirements have been set, a design that is specific to your project can be produced and ultimately installed. The pages linked below provide more detail on potential applications, or you can click here to get in touch with the FGS team to learn more.

Fish Guidance Systems
mobile fish deterrence