Sound projector array

Sound Projector Arrays – SPA

Our Sound Projector Array (SPA) system is designed to deter fish with acoustic signals, deflecting them away from water intakes to protect both fish and infrastructure.

The system is similar to a public address or hi-fi system, with underwater speakers (Sound Projector) producing a repellent sound gradient to block intakes and channels. This means it is particularly effective for power stations, industrial facilities and drinking water stations.

History of fish deterrent installation

FGS has installed more than 100 SPA systems over the course of 25 years. Our proprietary PrISM technology uses acoustic modelling to help us design the best possible solution for each situation.

In addition to industrial settings, SPA systems are ideal for cases where there is a need to exclude fish from hazardous or unsuitable areas. They are often used for fish herding as part of fisheries management protection or exclusion measures.

Specifically designed for each project

FGS designs each SPA system to ensure the acoustic barrier blocks a particular species, such as invasive carp or herring, or even multiple species. SPA is most effective for fragile pelagic fish, which live and feed in the mid- to upper-water depths, but can also be highly effective for a wide range of demersal species.

SPA systems include sophisticated monitoring and diagnostic systems, with optional pressure compensator systems to account for tidal variations.

System Benefits

  • Suitable for a wide range of intakes
  • Ability to combine with other solutions
  • Lower capital outlay than physical screens
  • Can prevent plant outages caused by large shoals of fish
  • Minimal environmental impact on non-target biota

Case Studies

Doel Nuclear Power Plant
ottorbourne fish deterrence