High intensity light HIL

High Intensity Light System (HIL)

High Intensity Light (HIL) systems work in conjunction with acoustic solutions to provide a secondary stimulus for some fish species.

The combination is particularly effective at managing the movement of invasive species such as invasive carp. HIL systems are also an effective deterrent for species such as eels, which are not sensitive to sound.

Combining fish deterrent systems

HIL systems are often installed alongside sound systems at power stations and pumping stations, where eels and other species that are less sensitive to sound might otherwise cause disruption or come to harm.

In the USA, recent trials have proven their effectiveness when combined with acoustic solutions to deter invasive species and in seaward-migrating salmon guidance applications. This enhancement allows for designs that provide complete protection against all species in a given environment.

Adaptable for guidance or deterrence

LED light bars are tailored with an output that matches the visual pigments of target species.

HIL systems can be used for both guidance and deterrence, with light sources configured and positioned according to the needs of the project. They can be designed in conjunction with acoustic systems, or these can be added later, making HIL future-proof in the event of any changes to legislation or best practice.

Controls and diagnostics are also specific to each system, while self-cleaning light bars minimise the need for maintenance.

System Benefits

  • Minimal environmental impact
  • Guides or deflects species insensitive to sound
  • Avoids the need for physical screens
  • Self-cleaning bars reduce maintenance
  • Adaptable and future-proof

Case Studies

Eels and Elvers prevention fish guidance