bioacoustic fish fence system BAFF

BioAcoustic Fish Fence (BAFF)

The BioAcoustic Fish Fence (BAFF) is a guidance system designed for precision.

In practice it is similar to a conventional angled screen, but creates a wall of sound and air bubbles rather than a physical barrier. This provides a highly effective barrier or fish guidance solution, and ensures waterways remain navigable.

Versatile fish deterrent

The BAFF system is often used in environments where the depth of the channel guarantees clearance for vessels that need to use the waterway. Units can be sunk into the bed, preventing interference.

Previous applications include screening hydro-electric intakes, blocking rivers to prevent the migration of species such as invasive carp, and guiding downward migrating fish like salmon smolt away from entrances to irrigation channels and canals so that they remain in the main river channel.

Environmentally-friendly fish deflection

The BAFF system was developed as an environmentally-friendly solution that meets the requirements of legislation and best practice in multiple countries.

It uses customised sound signals, directional strobe lighting and an air bubble curtain that creates a locally contained sound field. These work together to provide control over the direction of the chosen species. This approach not only reduces fish mortality rates, it is also more cost-effective for our customers than deploying physical screens.

System Benefits

  • Lower capital outlay than physical screens
  • Aids in controlled passage and migration of fish
  • Navigation-friendly
  • Precision guidance in a range of settings
  • Minimal environmental impact
  • Works in combination with other systems

Case Studies

salmon smolt
Quiver Creek Sound Projector Array