Welcome to Barkley Lock

Home of the BioAcoustic Fish fence trial

Kentucky officials have declared a “war on carp” and the installation of a BioAcoustic Fish Fence (BAFF) represents an important step in the fight to slow the spread of invasive species.

Under The Surface At Barkley Lock

A combination of stimuli. Sound, light and bubbles

Inbuilt diagnostics and remote monitoring

High Intensity Light bars based on LED technology

60 Acoustic Modules across a 200-foot span

Local, State, Federal

The work at barkley lock is a nationwide effort

“Federal and state partners are working together to deploy promising, innovative tools like the BAFF system to prevent the movement of Asian carp. What we learn in Kentucky will directly inform our efforts to protect the Great Lakes.”

Margaret Everson, Principal Deputy Director, US Fish and Wildlife Service

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Optimising the BAFF at Barkley Lock

The BioAcoustic Fish Fence (BAFF) at Barkley Lock, Kentucky has been in operation for over two years and has shown promising results in deterring the upstream migration of invasive carp. …

Let's Work Together On Invasive Carp

A proper plan to stop invasive carp from ruining America’s unique ecosystem is only possible if we all work together. Find out how you can help.