Lower Bear Creek hydro project is located near Sechelt, British Columbia, Canada, and along with Upper Bear Creek intake is part of a 20MW run-of-river hydro scheme that was commissioned in 2011.

The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency was concerned about the potential impact of the water intake on the local fish population, especially the Dolly Varden trout (Salvelinus malma) and so a fish deflection system was required to act as a barrier.

An intake pond nominally 2.5m deep was created by installing a rubber dam across the creek, although in floods the water depth could increase to 5m.

The maximum intake velocity was low, at only 0.14m/s.

To provide the optimum system a BAFF (BioAcoustic Fish Fence) using SILAS (Synchronised Intense Light And Sound) technology was proposed, which was installed in front of the two intakes by the client.

The acoustic signal was provided by six FGS MkII 15-100 Sound Projectors, while the light signal was provided by 12 FGS ILB44 Light Bars with associated accumulators and break out boxes.  The cabling ran back to the Control Equipment located in the adjacent plant room.

The bubble pipe, air supply and deployment frame were supplied by OVIVO Water.