Fish Guidance Systems are delighted to announce the completion of upgrades to the BAFF (BioAcoustic Fish Fence) system at Barkley Lock, Kentucky. The system, which deflects Invasive carp and prevents them from moving up river, is now equipped with upgraded Sound Projectors.

The Sound Projectors is a key component of the BAFF, as it provides the proprietary signal that, when combined with the bubble curtain, creates the ‘wall of sound’ – preventing the Invasive carp from crossing the barrier. As part of their work during March and April, Fish Guidance Systems added a second module to the Sound Projector, which will enhance the higher frequencies of the system, and along with other changes will improve the strength of the signal and the overall efficiency of the system.

Vemco Telemetry tags:

Vemco telemetry tags are one of two tags being used to monitor the movement of Invasive carp around Barkley Lock, including the fish’s movement into the lock chamber. These tags will collect the movement of fish in a one dimensional direction, allowing researchers and evaluators to see movement up and down the river.

The current plan is to attach a Vemco tag to the following fish each spring and fall until the fall of 2022.

  • 75 Silver carp
  • 60 native fish (including 20 Paddlefish, Smallmouth Buffalo and Freshwater Drum)

This will allow for a better understanding of the effectiveness of the BAFF.

HTI Telemetry tags: 

In addition to Vemco tags, the research group is also utilising HTI tags, which collect data in two dimensions, allowing to collect more location detail of the Invasive carp. The plan is to translocate the fish from above the lock to below in order to trigger a return response, with the carp trying to return to their original location. More information on translocation can be found on our minisite.

The aim is to HTI tag 300 silver carp each spring and fall until 2022.

A Unique Solution to an Imminent Problem

BAFF systems have been proven effective in the laboratory and are now being proven in real world locations such as Barkley Lock.  Fish Guidance Systems have experience working with state and federal government across the United States. If you would like to find out more about how BAFF could help stop the spread of Invasive carp in your state, please contact [email protected]

Invasive Carp Tagging at Barkley Lock

Earlier this month (April 2021), The Asian Carp Advisory Commission heard a presentation on the BAFF at Barkley Lock. During the meeting, more detail was provided on the tagging of Invasive carp to track and monitor the success of the system. Two different tagging methods are currently being used.